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About Maths Query has been setup keeping in mind to make available Mathematics learning resources to students in a simple and understandable text.

The learning material is written in such a way that students should be able to understand the topics in short and easy way with examples. The material written here is freely available and answers to any mathematics related queries are freely served. The mathematical equations and visuals are exhibited in a pure mathematical way using best-in-class digital math tools.

This website is targeting to serve students from Level I to Level X and Level XI to Level XII. The website is a startup with few lessons and will keep on expanding with time by adding more lessons.

About the Author

Rupinder Kaur is the author of all lessons on
The idea to work on struck her mind when she had intended to utilise her free time to serve a rather bigger community of students and where she could make available the easily accessible learning material. Nevertheless, she strives to develop interest in Mathematics, ability to think and analyse, help understand the concepts and various applications of Maths in daily life.

Qualified as Masters in Maths and a Degree in Education, she has taught over 12 years in schools from Primary classes to Senior Secondary classes with no less than the digitally enabled smart classes and through the activities like use of models, games, puzzles, concrete materials, patterns, charts, pictures etc.

Overwhelmingly, she has developed herself as a professional educationist and improves her teaching skills from time to time by attending workshops like Capacity Building Programs on Life Skills, Attitude & Values, Gender Sensitivity, Work Education, Value Education & Integrity Clubs & CCE to name a few.
With this extensive experience she has brought along, she now imparts online and offline Maths coaching to students.