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List of Maths Chapters


Learn Arithmetic, Number System, Number Pattern and theorems

Unit, Number, Numeral & Number System

What is unit, number, numeral? What are Roman and Hindu Arabic Number Systems? Know the concept with simple and easy examples. Practice with worksheets.

Natural Whole Integer Real Rational Irrational Numbers

Learn all types of numbers natural, whole, integer, rational, irrational, real, cardinal, ordinal numbers with examples and solve worksheets.

Digit, Face, Place Values and Comparison of Numbers

What is digit, face, place, local and true values of number? How to compare two numbers & place value with repeating digits? Practice with examples & questions.

Prime, Composite Numbers and Their Arrangements

Prime, composite, coprimes, twin primes and prime triplets numbers? How to arrange prime & composite numbers with dots representation? Practice with worksheets.

Fraction & Types Like, Equivalent, Mixed, Proper & More

Definition of fraction. What are unit, like, equivalent, simple, complex, decimal, vulgar, proper & mixed fractions with Examples, FAQs and MCQs and worksheets.

Methods to Compare Order Like, Unlike & Unit Fractions

Methods to compare like, unlike & unit fractions & order in ascending and descending. What is cross multiplication method? Practice with questions & worksheets.

Add Subtract Multiply Divide Operations on Fractions

Learn operations on fractions like addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Practice and exams preperation with questions and worksheets.

Highest Common Factor or GCF. Properties of HCF

Highest Common Factor GCF or GCD. What are factor, perfect number & properties of HCF? Steps to find out HCF. Learn by Examples, FAQs, Worksheets & MCQs.

Least Common Multiple. Relationship of HCF and LCM

What is LCM. What are multiple, common multiples and product of LCM and HCF. Know the concept with simple and easy examples, FAQs, MCQ and worksheets.

Ratio, Proportion and Continued Proportion

How to write ratio & proportions. What is equal and continued proportion, mean proportional & product of extremes. Learn examples, FAQs, MCQ & worksheets.

Rational Numbers with Number Line Representation

Learn rational number with examples. How to represent a rational number on a number line? Know the concept with simple and easy examples, FAQs and MCQs.

Divisibility Rules of Numbers 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11

What are Divisibility rules? Test of divisibility of 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11. Questions, worksheets & solved examples to practice for exams preparation.


Learn fundamentals and theorems of Geometry

Point, Line, Ray, Line Segment and Plane

Definition of a point, line, ray, line segment, various types of lines and plane. Learn fundamentals of geometry. Learn by solved examples, FAQs and MCQs.

Angle, its Types and Measures

Definition of an angle. What are the different types of angles and their measures? Learn about adjacent and congruent angles with examples.

Formation of Angles by Intersecting Lines

What are the relationships between lines and angles? How are vertically opposite, alternate and corresponding angles are formed by intersecting lines?

Triangle and its Types

Definition of a triangle. Its sides, vertex & angles. Types of triangle Equilateral, Isosceles, Acute, Right & Obtuse angled triangles. Examples, FAQs & MCQs.

Area and Perimeter of Different Types of Triangle

Area and perimeter of a triangle, their units of measurement. How are they calculated and related formulae for isosceles and equilateral triangle?

Curve, Polygon and its Types

What is a polygon, diagonals & adjacent sides. Types convex, concave, regular, irregular, simple, trigon, tetragon, pentagon, hexagon. Examples, FAQs and MCQs.

Quadrilateral and its Types

What is a Quadrilateral its diagonals, adjacent sides, opposite sides and different types? Learn by solved examples, FAQs and MCQs.

Area and Perimeter of Different Types of Quadrilaterals

Formulas and calculations of area & perimeter of different types of quadrilaterals the parallelogram, rectangle, square, rhombus & trapezium.

Circle and Semi Circle. Diameter, Chord, Arc, Tangent

What is circle and semi circle? What is diameter, chord, arc, secant, sector, segment, tangent and quadrant. Learn by solved examples, FAQs and MCQs.

Circumference and Area of Arc, Sector, Segment, Circle

What are the formulas and how to calculate area and circumference of circle? Formulas of length of arc, area of sector and segment.

Cartesian Coordinate System and Quadrants

What is cartesian coordinate system and basic concepts of axes, quadrants and coordinates of a point in coordinate geometry? Examples, FAQs and MCQs.

Things to Remember

Useful List of Symbols and Formulas to Remember