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List of Symbols Used in Arithmetic

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Symbols used in Arithmetic

SymbolRead asExample
\(+\)Addition\(8 + 4\)
\(-\)Subtraction\(8 – 4\)
\(\div\)Division\(8 \div 4\)
\(\times\)Multiplication\(8 \times 4\)
\(\%\)Percentage\(8 \% 4\)
\(\gt\)Greater than\(8 \gt 4\)
\(\lt\)Less than\(4 \lt 8\)
\(\geq\)Greater than equal to\(a \geq b\)
\(\leq\)Less than equal to\(b \leq a\)
\(=\)equal to\(6 = 6\)
\(\neq\)does not equal to\(8 \neq 4\)
\(\approx\)Approximately equal to\(8.786 \approx 8.79\)
\(\pm\)Plus minus\(\pm 2\)
\(\equiv\)Equivalent to\(a \equiv b\)