List of Symbols Used in Maths

Greek Alphabets

Lower Case Upper Case Name
\(\alpha\) \(A\) Alpha
\(\beta\) \(B\) Beta
\(\gamma\) \(\Gamma\) Gamma
\(\delta\) \(\Delta\) Delta
\(\eta\) \(H\) Eta
\(\theta\) \(\Theta\) Theta
\(\zeta\) \(Z\) Zeta
\(\iota\) \(I\) Iota
\(\mu\) \(M\) Mu
\(\nu\) \(N\) Nu
\(\omega\) \(\Omega\) Omega
\(\omicron\) \(O\) Omicron
\(\pi\) \(\Pi\) Pi
\(\phi\) \(\Phi\) Phi
\(\chi\) \(X\) Chi
\(\psi\) \(Psi\) Psi
\(\rho\) \(P\) Rho
\(\tau\) \(T\) Tau
\(\epsilon\) \(E\) Epsilon
\(Ʊ\) \(Y\) Upsilon
\(\lambda\) \(\Lambda\) Lambda
\(\kappa\) \(K\) Kappa
\(\sigma\) \(\Sigma\) Sigma

Symbols used in Arithmetic

Symbol Read as Example
\(+\) Addition \(8 + 4\)
\(-\) Subtraction \(8 – 4\)
\(\div\) Division \(8 \div 4\)
\(\times\) Multiplication \(8 \times 4\)
\(\%\) Percentage \(8 \% 4\)
\(\gt\) Greater than \(8 \gt 4\)
\(\lt\) Less than \(4 \lt 8\)
\(\geq\) Greater than equal to \(a \geq b\)
\(\leq\) Less than equal to \(b \leq a\)
\(=\) equal to \(6 = 6\)
\(\neq\) does not equal to \(8 \neq 4\)
\(\approx\) Approximately equal to \(8.786 \approx 8.79\)
\(\pm\) Plus minus \(\pm 2\)
\(\equiv\) Equivalent to \(a \equiv b\)

Symbols used in Geometry

Symbol Read as Example
\(^o\) Degree \(45^o\)
\(\angle\) Angle \(\angle 45^o\)
\(\bot\) Perpendicular \(AB \bot CD\)
\(||\) Parallel \(AB || CD\)
\(\triangle\) Triangle \(\triangle ABC\)
\(\sim\) Similar to \(\triangle ABC \sim \triangle PQR\)
\(\cong\) Congurent to \(\triangle ABC \cong \triangle PQR\)

General Symbols used in Maths

Symbol Read as Example
\(\implies\) Implies to \(\implies\) \(2 + 3 = 5\)
\(\therefore\) Therefore \(\therefore\) \(a + b = c\)
\(\because\) Because \(\because\) \(a + b = c\)
\(\infty\) Infinity \(a = \infty\)
\(\forall\) For all \(\forall a\)
\(\exists\) There exists \(\exists\)