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Area and Perimeter Formulas of 2D Shapes

Area formulas of 2D shapes

Rectangle\(l \times b\)
Square\(a \times a = a^2\)
Parallelogram\(b \times h\)
Rhombus \(b \times h\)
or \(\frac{1}{2} \times d_1 \times d_2\)
Trapezium\(\frac{1}{2}(a + b) \times h\)
Triangle\(\frac{1}{2} \times b \times h\)
Isosceles triangle\(\frac{b \sqrt{a^2 – b^2}}{4}\)
Equilateral triangle\(\frac{\sqrt{3}}{4} a^2\)
Circle\(\pi r^2\)

Perimeter formulas of 2D shapes

Rectangle\(2(l + b)\)
Square\(4 a\)
Parallelogram\(2(a + b)\)
Rhombus \(4a\)
or \(2\sqrt{d_1^2+d_2^2}\)
Trapezium\(a + b + c + d\)
Triangle\(a + b + c\)
Isosceles triangle\(2a + b\)
Equilateral triangle\(3a\)
Circle\(Circumference = 2\pi r\)